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A large part of many martial arts systems is stretching which enables you to use techniques securely and to their full potential. Here is a brief guide to 5 different types of stretches practiced within regional kickboxing classes and various other martial art groups. You can find further information about kickboxing baltimore @ www.crazy88mma.com .

They are Calmed, Fixed Active, Dynamic, Ballistic and Isometric stretching.

Relaxed Stretching is in which you would unwind your body into a stretch utilizing no other force than your body weight. An example would be reaching down to the toes for instance. Light relaxed extending can be helpful for relieving sore muscles, nevertheless, you should only extend as much as you believe is needed as muscle pain can be a sign of muscle damage.



These are genuine truths and cold tough facts when it comes to battling. If you desire to remain alive in a run-in here are some truths to help you win and survive.

Self-defense street battling # 1 - If you are being threatened by an assailant holding a weapon and he wants your wallet, give it to him. It's better to provide a potentially violent person your cash and credit cards you can cancel. What would be the point of attempting an expensive knife deactivate then it not working?

Self-defense street battling # 2 - The hyped martial arts pack you see in Hollywood films is not the genuine deal and has no base in genuine fights. One time I saw a man try deactivating another person with a knife, utilizing a flying partner. The flying sidekick man almost passed away bleeding out on the street from a knife wound to the thigh. Motion picture fighting is fake.